In their travels across the Philippines, Luca and Sergio were saddened to see the widespread poverty despite the rich natural and human resources of the country. They have always harbored a deep desire to do their part in somehow giving hope to the hopeless. A turning point came when the strongest typhoon ever recorded hit the Philippines. They saw how, in the aftermath of a climate disaster, the availability of light meant the difference between life and death, hope and hopelessness. This eureka moment spawned the idea of an affordable, renewable source of light useful in such disaster situations.

This is how the Sunny Sonny Story came to life.

This humble project aims to nurture hope in the hearts all those communities around the World, who live without electricity by providing solar-powered inflatable lanterns that can help them in their day-to-day lives.

"With this simple initiative of providing sustainable light, we hope to foster greater community well-being, bringing them closer to their dreams of a brighter future."

Be part of the Sunny Sonny Story...