As Filipinos, gift-giving comes naturally. There’s no denying that we put extra effort into carefully choosing personalized presents and perfectly wrapping them for our loved ones. Well, if unique is what you’re going for, then Air Asia’s new #Travelgr8 merchandise is perfect for all of your gift-giving worries!

The world’s best low-cost carrier has unveiled its latest in-flight merchandise catalogue that puts a spotlight on “the Sunny Sonny lantern”, a solar-powered lamp that lasts for up to 8 hours. What makes it even more exciting is that it’s inflatable and waterproof, making it a sustainable and dependable source of light, especially for communities that have no access to electricity.

Inspired by a young boy who survived the super typhoon Haiyan, the lantern makes for a useful and truly unique present this Christmas season as it proves itself useful in sudden power outages, disaster-stricken areas, and emergencies

For only Php650, you can avail of this exciting and truly unique gift item for your loved ones while helping impoverished communities affected by typhoons and calamities; they will benefit from 10% of the proceeds. You can also choose to purchase one lamp and donate another to a community in need for only Php1,050; you’ll receive a certificate for your donation. How cool is that? Now, doesn’t this wonderful offer give the ultimate Christmas sprit feels?

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