Air Asia has quickly emerged as Asia’s leading name in budget airline travel. In the past couple of years that I’ve been traveling with Air Asia, one thing I’ve noticed with this airline is that they always find a way to go one step beyond their offered services to their passengers. For example, it wasn’t enough for Air Asia to provide meals for their passengers, but they went the extra mile to develop a menu that ensures the food they serve are absolutely delicious.

Their in-flight shopping catalog is no different. Not only are they constantly adding products that is useful to the traveler, but they recently added a product to their lineup that is meaningful not just to their passengers, but to the less fortunate as well.

Allow me to tell you all about Air Asia’s new #TravelGr8 Vacation Essentials In Flight Catalog!

For the unveiling of this very special addition to the in-flight shopping Catalog, Air Asia spared no expense and flew out some members of the media to Bohol, specifically to the stunning Tarsier Botanika Resort, to witness the launch. (More on that in an upcoming post!)

I was fortunate enough to be one of those members of the media, but only after I signed a waiver swearing I would not be wearing my famed Cheetah Skin Speedos during the launch (KJ, No?).

The intimate affair was hosted by Ms. Cherry Anne Mungcal, the Senior Digital Executive of Air Asia Philippines. Mr. Karlo Sanchez, Air Asia Philippines Ancillary Head, opened the program with a few words of inspiration.

Then, none other than Air Asia Philippines CEO, Capt. Dexter Comendador took the stage to unveil the newest product in Air Asia’s In flight Catalog, “The Sonny Sunny Story Lantern”. More on that ahead.

We were then welcomed by Ms. Catherine Cabahug, the Resident Manager of Tarsier Botanika, who provided us a beautiful venue for the launch, as well as the resort’s world class accomodations. (I can’t wait for you to read my post about it!) Finally,  Luca Vezzaro – President and Founder, Sunny Sonny Story took the stage, and shared how overwhelmed he was with the support Air Asia has given in helping make a difference in lives of so many people in need. (More on that in a bit).


The “Sunny Sonny Story Lantern” is solar powered light that lasts up to 8 hours. The lantern is inspired and named after a young boy who survived super typhoon Haiyan three years ago. It is inflatable and waterproof, making it a dependable and renewable source of light that is perfect for communities with no access to electricity. It is also a safer alternative to candles and kerosene lamps. The lantern is convenient for outdoor use, during power outages and travel emergencies.

“Sunny Sonny Story Lantern” is now available on all Philippines AirAsia flights for only P650 with 10% of the total sales to be donated to impoverished communities affected by typhoons or natural calamities. You may also choose to Buy one, and DONATE another to a community in dire need, for only P1,050.

As Captain Dexter said, “Being involved with this project is truly a gift that enables us to give back to the communities that we serve.”

This humble initiative is Air Asia’s way of helping our countrymen who are in the unfortunate situation of being unable to enjoy basic necessities, such as electricity and the like. The lantern is not only useful during emergency situations, but the proceeds donated from their sales will go a long way to helping those in need.

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Congratulations to Team Air Asia, the amazing people of Tarsier Botanika, as well as the inspiring minds behind Sunny Sonny Story Lanterns! I hope that your efforts will continue to serve as an example to others as well, as we move to uplift our fellow countrymen that have been hit by calamities, or that plain and simply, need our help.

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