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We believe that reaching communities without access to adequate light is imperative.
With your help, the Right to Light can happen.


With like-minded individuals who share our vision, our commitment to this project remains as strong as on day one. We believe providing adequate light to underserved communities is essential. With your support and cooperation, we can make the Right to Light a reality for these communities.


To deliver affordable and renewable solar lanterns to impoverished communities lacking electricity, ensuring they have reliable access to light. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life, especially during disaster situations, by providing a vital resource that supports safety, education, and economic development.


To create a world where every community, irrespective of their economic circumstances, has access to sustainable and reliable lighting solutions. We aim to transform lives by fostering resilience and hope, enabling communities to thrive even in the face of adversity and climate challenges.

Our mission

Discover how the idea of Sunny Sonny Story was born.

In their travels across the Philippines, Luca and Sergio were saddened to see the widespread poverty despite the rich natural and human resources of the country. They have always harbored a deep desire to do their part in somehow giving hope to the hopeless. A turning point came when the strongest typhoon ever recorded hit the Philippines. They saw how, in the aftermath of a climate disaster, the availability of light meant the difference between life and death, hope and hopelessness. This eureka moment spawned the idea of an affordable, renewable source of light useful in such disaster situations.
This is how the Sunny Sonny Story came to life.
This humble project aims to nurture hope in the hearts all those communities around the World, who live without electricity by providing solar-powered inflatable lanterns that can help them in their day-to-day lives.

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Our history

The journey

During their travels across the Philippines, Italian expat Sergio was deeply moved by the widespread poverty despite the country’s rich natural and human resources. After witnessing the devastating impact of the strongest typhoon ever recorded, he realized that access to light could mean the difference between life and death, hope and hopelessness. This revelation inspired him to create Sunny Sonny Story, an initiative dedicated to providing affordable, renewable solar lanterns to impoverished communities. Founded in 1989, his  project has since been recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for its significant impact.

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Our journey

Where Sunny Sonny Story has arrived Reach

From 2016 Sunny Sonny Story lanterns has arrived in many different countries worldwide.

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The lantern

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A Sunny Sonny Lantern is a safe, clean and cost-efficient alternative to candles or kerosene lamps. This solar-powered, inflatable, and shatterproof lantern is designed around a waterproof PVC enclosure, which makes for a dependable and renewable source of light. A must-have for emergencies such as climate disasters and power outages, Sunny Sonny lanterns are also great for outdoor activities and even everyday use.

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The Founder

Meet our first light bearers.

A premier professional in the fields of Business Development, Marketing and Communication, Brand Strategy, and Design Management.
Sergio is also the President for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, an avid follower for indigenous textiles and materials, and keen and innovative designer.

Sunny Sonny Story

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We believe that reaching communities without access to adequate light is an imperative. With your help, we can can make the Right to Light a reality for these communities.