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Solar rechargeable, inflatable, water proof, durable, and shatter proof

A Sunny Sonny Lantern is a safe, clean and cost-efficient alternative to candles or kerosene lamps. This solar-powered, inflatable, and shatterproof lantern is designed around a waterproof PVC enclosure, which makes for a dependable and renewable source of light. A must-have for emergencies such as climate disasters and power outages, Sunny Sonny lanterns are also great for outdoor activities and even everyday use.

Check out the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article on Sunny Sonny Story’s initiatives to help the poor published on July 17, 2018

Italian Chamber of Commerce president Sergio Boero has designed a solar lantern to help the poor become more productive. Italian Sergio Boero was a consultant of exporter Hacienda Crafts in Bacolod in 2009 when he discovered that many artisans had to stop working before 5 p.m. because they lived in an off-grid area and had […]