Meet our first light bearers.


Luca Vezzaro

Luca Vezzaro is an Italian national who, after years of living in the Philippines, developed a heart that is purely Filipino. He arrived in the Philippines in 1997, where he has been residing since then. With a Ph.D. in Foreign Trade, a broad expertise in the fields of Manufacturing and Strategic and Operative Marketing and countless opportunities to travel the world, he stayed on and was captivated with Filipino culture and tradition. Currently acting as the Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Luca continuously works on projects that strengthen both countries’ ties.


Sergio Boero

A premier professional in the fields of Business Development, Marketing and Communication, Brand Strategy, and Design Management.

His impeccable leadership skills have gained record-breaking revenues and profit gains for start-ups and expanding businesses. With his vision, direction, innovative and tactical problem-solving prowess, and his incessant focus on the bottom-line, Sergio surely is a formidable partner in these competitive fields.

Sergio is also the President for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, an avid follower for indigenous textiles and materials, and keen and innovative designer.

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