"Everyone has the right to light"

We believe that reaching communities without access to adequate light is an imperative. With your help, we can can make the Right to Light a reality for these communities.



The Lantern

Discover how the Sunny Sonny Story came to life.

“With this simple initiative of providing sustainable light, we hope to foster greater community well-being, bringing them closer to their dreams of a brighter future.”

In their travels across the Philippines, Luca and Sergio were saddened to see the widespread poverty despite the rich natural and human resources of the country. They have always harbored a deep desire to do their part in somehow giving hope to the hopeless.


Where Sunny Sonny Story has arrived Reach

From 2016 Sunny Sonny Story lanterns has arrived in many different countries worldwide.

Help us to let our project grow!


Lanterne spedite


To Philippines


To India

The Founder

Meet our first light bearers.

A premier professional in the fields of Business Development, Marketing and Communication, Brand Strategy, and Design Management.
Sergio is also the President for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, an avid follower for indigenous textiles and materials, and keen and innovative designer.